Wednesday, March 28, 2012

NYX Box of Smokey Look Collection

I've been obsessed with hautelook lately. If anyone is unfamiliar with hautelook, it's a website that you can sign up for that runs special deals on different brands. They have new deals starting every day, but each deal only runs for 48 hours at that price. They have stuff on there for everyone. They have the obvious clothes and makeup for women, but they also have specials on clothes for men and babies, as well as home decor. A few weeks ago, they were running a special on NYX products, and I decided that I had to get something because the prices were so good. I decided to go with the NYX Box of Smokey Look Collection. My "go to" look usually involves a smokey eye of some sort so I knew this was something I would use often. This palette usually runs for $22, but I got it for the special price of only $13!

The first thing you see upon opening this up is the eye shadows. They have them separated into four different sections based on what type of smokey eye you may want to do. From left
to right: Classic Smokey Eye, Purple Smokey Eye, Bronze Smokey Eye, and Natural Smokey Eye. The eyeshadows are a mix between shimmers and matte shades, and from what I've swatched so far, the majority of them seem very pigmented.

The eyeshadows slide over to reveal another compartment where the face powders are. On the right are three blushes in different shades of pink, and on the left there is a bronzer as well as highlighting/contouring powders. A small black eyeliner pencil is included to the right of the blushes with an eyeshadow brush and lip brush to the left of them.

If that wasn't enough to impress you, it also opens up into a bottom compartment! On the left is a wide variety of lip colors and on the right there's a selection of glitter creams
as well as concealers. The concealers include a green to cover up redness, a purple to counteract yellow undertones, and fair/dark shade to use depending on your skin color.

And this is what it looks like with all the compartments open! You can no longer get this for the price I got it, but it is for sale on the NYX website for $22 which is still a really good deal for all that you get. I'm very impressed with the color payoff so far, and I will let everyone know my complete thoughts once I've used it a bit more!



  1. This looks amazing, wish they sold it in England :( Lovely post! xx

  2. You can order it online from the NYX website! I'm pretty sure they ship worldwide :)

  3. Hiiiiiiya you have a lovely blog and i really want to follow you but there is no follow button! xoxo

    1. Thank you! There's no follow button in the top left corner?